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2016 eLit Award Winners


Gold: Homeowner's Construction Survival Guide, Ryan Brautovich

Popular Fiction

Gold: Stillwater Rising, Steena Holmes
Silver: Spare Me, Vinny Minchillo
Bronze: Face Of Our Father, G. Egore Pitir

Literary Fiction

Gold: LEDBETTER STREET, Susan P. Baker
Silver: Second Chances, Lincoln Cole
Bronze: Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy, Pawan Mishra

Short Story Fiction

Gold: That Losing Feeling and Other Stories, Christopher Alexandrov
Silver: Villefrance: A French Mystery, George Callaghan
Bronze: The Darkness, Justine Avery


Gold: (Tie) TALES OF OUR LIVES - REFLECTION POND, Matilda Butler & Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia, Helen Buell Whitworth and James A Whitworth
Silver: Deadly Invisible Enemies Anthology, Harold Lea Brown
Bronze: What I Couldn't Tell My Mother, Edited by Kari O'Gorman

Fantasy / Science Fiction

Gold: Compendium, Alia Luria
Silver: The Dreamer, E.J. Mellow
Bronze: IN NATURA: A Science Fiction novel (ARZAT SERIES Book 2), David Samuel Frazier

Historical Fiction

Gold: Touched with Fire, Christopher Datta
Silver: Singing to the Lions, Robert A. Gisclair
Bronze: Isthmus - A Novel, Gerard Lasalle


Gold: Taken By Witches, Nick Iuppa
Silver: When the Clouds Roll In, M. Chris Benner

Multicultural Fiction

Gold: Quest for Kriya, Rahul Deokar
Silver: A Complicated Love Song, Lynda Jones-Burns
Bronze: Toru: Wayfarer Returns, Stephanie R. Sorensen

Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

Gold: Jack and Joe (The Hunt For Jack Reacher Series #6), Diane Capri
Silver: Taming the Telomeres: A Thriller, R.N. Shapiro
Bronze: Corruption of Power, G W Eccles

Religious Fiction

Gold: Called To Gobi: A Christian End Times Chronicle, D.I. Telbat
Silver: Dance of Grace, Stacy Monson
Bronze: Here, Jennifer Ball


Gold: The Shortstop, A.M. Madden
Silver: Somewhere on St. Thomas, Toby Neal
Bronze: Unsevered, Traci Sanders

Erotic Fiction

Gold: Pretty Broken Girl, Jeana E. Mann
Silver: Good Karma, Donya Lynne
Bronze: Chelsea Matinee - Memoirs of an Easy Woman (#1 Lipstick Mountains Memoirs), B.K. Smith

Erotic Non-Fiction

Gold: Marcel & Me: A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion, Paulette Frankl

True Crime

Gold: Better Dead Than Divorced: The Trial of Panayota, Lukas Konandreas M.D.
Silver: Children in Distress on Paradise Road Part 1: The Crimes, Lawrence Pelletier & Anita Marie Bateman

Children's Books (7 & Under)

Gold: SuperKids, Anya Damiron
Silver: Liam Shark Boy, Stephanie Marie Roberts
Bronze: (Tie) Max & Mila! A book filled with exciting adventures and fun activities for all, Kimberly de Haseth & Frieda Tails Volume 2: Frieda & The Big Brown Bear & The Church in The Forest, Kimberly Baltz

Children's Books (All ages)

Gold: The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen
Silver: MOMSTER, Laura Jensen-Kimball
Bronze: Little Red Riding Hood: An Interactive Fairy Tale Adventure, Eric Braun

Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction

Gold: Immurement: The Undergrounders Series Book One, Norma Hinkens
Silver: The Bigfoot Paradox, Rebecca Coyte
Bronze: Voices, R.E. Rowe

Essay / Creative Non-Fiction

Gold: Pilgrim Wheels: Reflections of a Cyclist Crossing America, Neil Hanson
Silver: Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo, Michael Pronko
Bronze: Feathers in the Dust, John Herlihy

Autobiography / Memoir

Gold: Managing Bubbie, Russel Lazega
Silver: In the Land of Shiva - a Memoir, James O'Hara
Bronze: Nana's Shoes, Aisa Softic


Gold: Managing Bubbie, Russel Lazega
Silver: Fabulous Peculiarities, Tom Smart
Bronze: The Road to Chateaumelion, Peter White

Aging / Death & Dying

Gold: Hope the Hummingbird, Laura Taaffe
Silver: An Irruption of Owls: An Odyssey a Homecoming and Six Winters in Vermont, Sara Tucker

Animals / Pets

Gold: The Story of Jack The Pit Bull Who Became A Hero, Pam Daoust

Business / Career / Sales

Gold: The Hiring Prophecies: Psychology behind Recruiting Successful Employees, Andrew LaCivita
Silver: (Tie) Creating a Cash Cow in Kenya, Nat Robinson & Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track, Garrett Sutton and Gerri Detweiler
Bronze: Profitable Problem Solving, Bridgette Chambers

Current Events I (Political / Economic / Legal / Media)

Gold: George Valentine's Retirement Plan, Laurence Cooper
Silver: Kingdom of Heaven, Joseph Turner

Current Events II (Social Issues / Public Affairs / Ecological / Humanitarian)

Gold: Guardianship, Michael Larsen
Silver: Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence, Susanna Hope and Alex Roslin
Bronze: Medicare's Victims: How the U.S. Government's Largest Health Care System Harms Patients and Impairs Physicians, David Hogberg

Current Events III (Foreign Affairs / Military)

Gold: Occupied Seattle, Chris Kennedy

Education / Academic / Teaching

Gold: Study It - Grammar Book 2, James Rice & Jamie Matechuk
Silver: High School Rocks: Make Starting High School An Awesome Experience, Jenny Atkinson
Bronze: 57+ Bridge Conventions Made Easy, Alvin L. Lesser

Environment / Ecology / Nature

Gold: Green at No Cost: Economic and Cost Control Strategies that Create No Cost Sustainability, Richard Vermeulen
Silver: Come Plant A Seed, Courtney Rose McQueen

Finance / Investment / Economics

Gold: How Do Emotions Drive Money Decisions? EURO, Jorge Rivera Ph.D.
Silver: Toxic Client, Garrett Sutton & Gerri Detweiler
Bronze: Money Minute: Financial Food for Thought - Volume 1, Paula Goddard

LGBT Fiction

Gold: Full Domain, Kindle Alexander
Silver: Secret, Kindle Alexander
Bronze: FRET, Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Gift / Holiday / Specialty

Gold: Very Christmas, Simone Mets

Health / Medicine / Nutrition

Gold: The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health, Romy Block MD and Arielle Levitan MD
Silver: Anyone Can Do It: The Energy Matrix and Tong Ren, Robert Galloway MD
Bronze: In A Pickle Over PANDAS, Melanie S. Weiss R.N.

Graphic Novel Drawn Book

Gold: The Grand River, Gerard Brender a Brandis and Marianne Brandis
Silver: Trudeau: La Vie en Rose, George Walker


Gold: La Florida: Imperial Spain Invades Indian Chiefdoms of North America, Larry Richard Clark
Silver: Never Subdued II, Franklin Hook
Bronze: Exploring the Lost Maya, Jerry Borrell

Home & Garden

Gold: Homeowner's Construction Survival Guide, Ryan Brautovich

How-To (Crafts / Hobby / Industrial Arts)

Gold: 57+ Bridge Conventions Made Easy, Alvin L. Lesser


Gold: More Stories to Tell: A Lawyer Turned Comedian Puts Everyday Life on Trial, Paul J Murphy written as Paul D'Angelo
Silver: Behind the Lens & Behind the Microphone, Terry Kniess
Bronze: Just the Way You Aren't, Lynda Simmons

Inspirational / Spiritual

Gold: Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell, Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz
Silver: Managing Bubbie, Russel Lazega
Bronze: The Order, Scott Stein

New Age / Mind-Body-Spirit

Gold: Soul Psychology; Our Journey Through the Human Kingdom Universe, Janet Richmond
Silver: More Plutos, Sue Kientz
Bronze: What it Means to Find your Path, Tina Ketch

Parenting (Child Care / Family)

Gold: Practical Parenting: An Un-Politically Correct Guide from the Trenches, Kathleen Lovlie MD FAAP
Silver: (Tie) High School Rocks: Make Starting High School An Awesome Experience, Jenny Atkinson & 13 Keys to Parenting Today's Child, Lorice Parker
Bronze: Possible Autism, Susan Louise Peterson


Gold: Adobe Road, R. A. Lupowitz
Silver: On Shaving Off His Face, Shane Neilson
Bronze: Kim and Jim: The Length of Love Street, Jim Blyth

Popular Culture

Gold: Lotería Huasteca: Woodblock Prints, Alec Dempster
Silver: Ashes and Asphalt, Trevor Halloway

Psychology / Mental Health

Gold: Healing the Shamed, John J. Glanville
Silver: Fractured Mind: The Healing of a Person with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Debra Bruch


Gold: Hyper: Changing the way you think about plan and execute business intelligence for real results real fast!, Gregory P. Steffine
Silver: The Medicare Survival Guide, Diane Daniels
Bronze: Digital Research Phrase Book, Susan Louise Peterson

Religion (Eastern / Western)

Gold: A Catholic Engineer Searches For God, Jack Carlow
Silver: Dear Young People: Inspiration from Pope Francis for Everyone, Michael O'Neill McGrath
Bronze: (Tie) Kingdom of Heaven, Joseph Turner & The Bible For Beginners And The Rest of Us: A Guide to Making Basic Bible Sense, Arlington McRae

Health / Medicine / Nutrition

Gold: Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia, Helen Buell Whitworth and James A Whitworth

Self Help

Gold: Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes, Kathryn Kemp Guylay
Silver: Creating Eternal Optimism: Redesign Your Thinking and Transform Your Life in 30 Days, Anne McDowell
Bronze: (Tie) Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs), Dr John & Elizabeth McIntosh & Goodbye Self-Critical Hello Self-Thrilled with Tellaga and Conred, Joyce Anderson

Sexuality / Relationships

Gold: Marriages End. Families Don't. Divorce Wisely.: The essential handbook for navigating the process of divorce, Suzanne E. Grandchamp
Silver: Gateway to Intimacy A Married Couple's Guide to Love Romance Passion and Phenomenal Sex, Edward M. Gomez
Bronze: On the Verge of Sex, Terrie Lynn

Transportation (Automotive / Aviation / Railroad etc.)

Gold: Ashes and Asphalt, Trevor Halloway

Travel - Essay

Gold: Pilgrim Wheels: Reflections of a Cyclist Crossing America, Neil Hanson

Travel - Guidebook

Gold: Complete Guide to the Undersea World, Jerry Borrell

Women's Issues

Gold: I am AspienWoman: The Unique Characteristics Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autism Spectrum, Tania A. Marshall
Silver: Dandelion Angel, C.B. Calico

Writing / Publishing

Gold: Writing Tips and Tricks - More Than 40 ways to Improve YOUR Writing Today, Kim Lambert

Best Book Multi Media

Gold: When I Come Around, Benj Hewitt

Best Book Website

Gold: www.YouAreSuper.co, Anya Damiron
Silver: steffine.com/hyper-the-book/, Gregory P. Steffine
Bronze: defenderofjerusalem.com, Helena P. Schrader

Best Author Website

Gold: profitableproblemsolving.com, Bridgette Chambers

Best use of Audio / video

Gold: H8 Society - How an Atomic Fart Saved the World, 2Dans
Silver: Ferret, C.C. Wyatt

Best Book Trailer

Gold: Hyper: Changing the way you think about plan and execute business intelligence for real results real fast!, Gregory P. Steffine
Silver: Trankarri - The Boy With a Magical Pen, Author, Christopher Dean / Book Trailer, Niall Farrell
Bronze: Selling To Heroes, Villains and Geeks, Jill M Lewis


Award Categories

  1. Audiobook- General Fiction*
  2. Audiobook- Mystery*
  3. Audiobook- Romance*
  4. Audiobook- Autobiography/Biography*
  5. Audiobook- Business*
  6. Audiobook- Self-Help*
  7. Best Book Trailer* (send mp4 file or include link to platform where it is hosted with book title on “Title” line of form)
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